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Motor control center (MCC), also known as a motor control panel, is a modular assembly for powering and controlling motors in an industry. Several enclosed sections are there within this assembly which houses the motor control units. These enclosed sections get power from a single power bus which in turn gets power from a transformer attached to the incoming power line from the power company. The motor control centers/panels are generally used for 3 phase low voltage AC current motors ranging from 110 to 600 volts. The main purpose of motor control centers is housing, powering and controlling motors in factories and industries.

The motors in a motor control center are controlled and operated through a device named motor controller. Motor controller provides manual and automatic means for performing various operations like stopping the motor, selecting forward or reverse rotation, regulating the torque and so as. The motor controller also protects the motors housed in motor control center against overloads and other various faults. For the majority of industrial applications LT power is distributed through MCC panel. Control of most of the motors is from MCC panel and local control near motors is provided from the local push button stations.

These MCC Units Comprise :

  • Full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing starters
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • PLC I/O chassis
  • Solid-state motor controllers
  • Lighting panels
  • Transformers
  • Analog or digital metering
  • Feeder circuit breakers
  • Feeder fusible disconnects

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