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A Hazardous area is defined as an area in which an explosive atmosphere is present, or may be expected to present, in quantities such as to require special precautions for the construction, installation and use of potential ignition sources.

Major industries affected would include Oil, Gas, Petroleum refineries, Chemical Plants, Sewerage treatment and grain handling. Other industries include spray painting shops, aircraft hangers, gasoline depots and garages.

Therefore the use of any electrical apparatus in these areas is strictly controlled through various protection techniques to enable the operators to facilitate the handling or processing of the hazardous materials. This removes the possibility of ignition being caused by the electrical apparatus contained with in the hazardous area.

We offer a fully customized explosion proof and safe area panel assemblies, Junction Boxes, GRP Boxes, Explosion proof luminaries, Control stations, Switches, Plug & Sockets, Lighting panels, etc…

Self-regulating heating tape ILS for applications up to 200 °C/250 °C<, Increased safety lightings, Electronic heat tracing controllers can be used universal in the field of electrical trace heating. The general use of PT 100 sensor ensures an accurate measurements within a temperature range of - 50 ° C up to 600 ° C

Enclosures made of polyester glass-fiber reinforced plastics have been used a thousand times in even the harshest of environments as terminal boxes. Aggressive chemicals and / or mechanical stress can not damage these rugged enclosures. Silicone seals in the lid close cleanly and permanently without much deformation. Integral 4.5mm clearance holes moulded into the body serve to attach the DIN rail on which the terminals to be set. Captive screws in the housing cover increase the utility.

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