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The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) also known as Automatic Transfer Switch Control Panel. AECS ATS is modular type assembling and maintenance is very easy and convenient. The standard Transfer Switch consists of BTS / Basic Transfer Switch, Harness, ATS Controller and Transformer Module. There are indoor and outdoor, two types of enclosures available for the ATS/Automatic Transfer Switch. The ATS/Automatic Transfer Switch complies with IEC60947-6-1 standard.

Double throw type ATS
(Single Phase, 2P, 125A / 250Vac)

Modular design is for easy installation on wall surface / next to switch / on the door. Compact design with user-friendly status displays on the AECS ATS unit. Electrically and manually operated, with mechanically held contacts. Monitoring the under & Over voltage of the normal source.

Adjustable time delay on neutral and built-in neutral lug module. Specially designed for single phase loads, Cell phone industries and residential applications.


  • Rated Voltage : 120/240Vac
  • Rated Current : 125A
  • Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Poles : 2 Pole
  • Operating Current : 2A @220vac
  • Rated SC Time : 3.0kA/1sec@250vac
  • SC peak value : 7.5kA@250vac
  • Utilization category : AC-33A, 6000 times/with load
  • Rated operating Voltage : 90…140vac / 180…..270vac
  • Operation temperature 10…..70°c
  • Dimensions 370.0(H) x 300.0(W) X 145.0(D)mm
  • Weight 9.0Kg±2%.

ATS with MCCB’s / ACB’s

Three Phase, 3P/4P, Rated Current, 125A….6300A, Voltage 100…..690Vac

Modularized design with superior serviceability and simple maintenance. The modularized AECS ATS combined with

  • Enclosure (Indoor / outdoor type)
  • ATS-01, Intelligent controller, (Voltage monitoring and protection with built-in 168HR exerciser timer),
  • TSP-01, Voltage transformer module (Change voltage easily by plug-in connectors),
  • BTS Transfer switch (with high short circuit breaking capacity and over current protection device),

All modules are connected by harness with high voltage withstand plug-in connector sets. All components are complies with IEC 60947-6 requirements. Utilization category AC-33A

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